This collection of graphic models and textile design is inspired by the architecture of the first half of the XXth century and that of Bucharest in between the World Wars. The inspiration comes from the Bauhaus geometry and Art Deco elements, that can be found in plenty of instances in many of Bucharest’s buildings facades, gates, ironwork and architectural details.

The 6 models in this collection - Art Deco, Bauhaus, Geometry, Fisheye, Chromosome and Le grand K, are available for textile design projects, upholstery and interior design. The standard color variants are petrol grey, grey and white, nuances of green, turquoise and green, but they can be adapted and scaled according to the project in various chromatic and dimensional versions of the models. 

Art Deco, Bauhaus, Geometry, Fisheye, Chromosome and Le Grand K patterns © Copyright Dragos Dogaru, 2018

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