PLAYSTRAP™ Sofa ∆ Armchair ∆ Daybed ∆ Ottoman ∆

Modular system for public space seating and also complementary residential furniture use. Can be adapted and customized for a variety of uses, with ease of assembly using ratchet straps and can be reconfigured for other uses in time. Sofa module presented, other configuration options are available: double sided sofa, daybed, armchair, coffee table and ottoman.

Available in a range of textiles for upholstery and configurations. Please inquire for pricing and available configurations made to order.

Product specifications:
Height: 800 mm
Width: 1700 mm
Depth: 800 mm
Material: Lightweight wood structure, velvet upholstery, synthetic ratchet straps

Launched at the Paris Design Week Factory 2022. A project by Dragos Dogaru manufactured with Everart. Design & copyright © Dragoș Dogaru 2022


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