Cuplo™ Moody Nude  - the ambient lamp that you can place, adjust and position exactly how you want. The lamp can be used as an ambient lamp in 3 positions: desk or night stand lamp, pendant light focused downwards and respectively upwards. The dimmable Philips Smoky LED light bulb insures an optimal mood light without stressing the eyesight.

Product specifications:
Diameter: Ø 58 mm
Length: L 220 mm
Cable length: L 4 m
Power rating: 5.5W / Dimmable / LED life span: 15.000 hours
Materials: borosilicate glass, LED bulb, stainless steel fitting system

The lamp was edited in this configuration in 2022 for the PARIS14A Showroom. Cuplo™ Moody Nude © 2022 Dogaru Dragos


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