Ceramics collection collab #opartdeco 2023

Stenciled and press moulded red, white and black sandstones, glazed or whiped glazed available on comissioned works, Please contact me for details.

The artwork designs presented in this section are part of the #opartdeco 2021 collection of graphic models and textile design, inspired by the Art Deco and Bauhaus influences in the architecture of the first half of the XXth century and that of Bucharest in between the World Wars.

From Art Deco inspiration, bold graphics, pop art to graphic design and patterns that have their own dynamic. The models in the #opartdeco collection (TRI∆NGLED, Palma Deco, DADA model, Les Ondulés, MONDA Code, Ascent, Circled) are a modern take on the geometric graphic ironwork and plasterwork models from the Modernist & Art Deco Bucharest of the 1920’s-1945 period.

The ceramic sample works are manufactured by Dragoș Dogaru × Telurik Shop.

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Palma Deco


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